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And they're off! Follow the Bay X for Breath paddlers with a live interactive map!

The Bay X for Breath has begun! Today eight paddlers are embarking on a 28 mile journey across the Monterey Bay to raise funds for the Living Breath Foundation and raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis! Read the full info on our events page.

The paddlers left Santa Cruz, California at approximately 6:00 AM this morning and are due to arrive at Del Monte Beach at around 2:00 PM. Some of the paddlers are wearing trackers so we can follow along as they make their way towards Monterey. Follow along yourself using the link below!


Update #1 - 09/29, 10:00 am

Here is a fun video of Melissa Live Streaming the event as the paddlers left Santa Cruz earlier this morning.


Updat​e #2 - 09/29, 11:35 am

The paddlers have reached the 17 mile mark! They first headed nearly due south for about 14 miles, at which point they made a turn to head back into the bay towards Monterey. Below is a screen shot of where they are at this current point in time. Go paddlers! Go!


Update #3 - 09/29, 1:45 pm

The Paddlers have reached nearly reached the southern tip of the Monterey Bay. They are currently on Mile 25! Now they'll paddle past Pacific Grove, Lovers Point, the Monterey Bay Aquarium before landing in Monterey.


Update #4 - 09/29, 2:45 pm

Melissa streamed live on facebook and chatted with some of the folks on the beach waiting for the paddlers to come around the final turn.


Update #5 - 09/29, 3:0 pm

Melissa and Kelly streamed live on facebook as the athletes finished their 29 mile paddle from Santa Cruz to Monterey!

And one final shot of the tracker that allowed us to follow the paddlers in real time! Congrats and

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